This is one of the many cool creatures that you find hidden in the caves. In fact, much of the walls and things you can climb on down in there are some sort of sculpture. The caves are the enterance and exit for the big slides. Although when the roof top is open you can get go the big slide from up there.

Once again we went to the City Museum. This time I got some good pictures and now have an easy way to update the site with them. This was the 3rd year that we have come here and more has changed. They are still adding things, making improvements and making it more fun. Before I get into about the City Museum though I have to say we used this trip to do a little more exploring of St Louis. We spent an entire day at the zoo which is free to get into, but you have to pay for parking. Although both times we have been we have parked for free because they don’t start taking your money until the actual zoo opens. So get there early and save a little. We also ate at some great restaurants. Old Spaghetti Factory, Cheeseology, Fitz’s and Blue’s City Deli were just as important for us to get to as the zoo and city museum. My wife and I enjoy good food and prefer to try something that we can’t get at home when we travel. If you go to St Louis, you have to try them out. Now to get those pictures uploaded.

Side note – Now that our 4th and final child is here I am hoping to keep this updated with more fun and important information.

Spring break 2010 we made a trip to St Louis for a few days. It turned from a simple vacation into an adventure that would surprisingly last through the summer. To start off with my wife got an amazing deal at the Hyatt right across from the Arch for around $47 a night. We had already planned ahead of time all our meals and what we would do on each day, but we left time open for other things too just in case. We had family in the area and after seeing them we were introduced to the most amazing place on earth. For those that have been to St Louis they might know of the place. The City Museum. I know what you are thinking, a museum? The name throws you off because this is hardly a museum. It’s a little expensive to get in at $12 a ticket and if it is the regular season the rooftop is an extra $5, but since you can spend all day there and constantly find new things it is worth it. I think total we were there for 5 hours and had an unbelievable time.  Really the only thing that can do it some justice is pictures. Trying to just explain it is next to impossible.

We ended up going back during the summer of 2011 and spent an entire day there. We did the rooftop this time and it was well worth the extra charge. One thing we found was that they are constantly changing things there. We found new areas to explore and they were working on a new section that should be really fun when we go back. I will get some of our pictures up soon.

My wife and I started this site many years ago to share family memories with friends and family. But since facebook came along and we moved to sharing on that this site has sat with nothing to do really. With a name like lovingeveryminuteofit though we couldn’t just give it up so I’ve thought long and hard about what can I possibly put here that would be of use to everyone.

One thing we decided was it wasn’t going to be a “personal” site. We’ll leave names out and no pictures of family members. This will be more about our experiences in life. About Loving Every Minute of It. It being a number of things that we encounter in life.


Sorry, been a bit busy but we do have something coming soon to the site. Hopefully people will enjoy reading it. A number of things have come up since I decided to change to this new format for the site and haven’t had a chance to get back to it. But now that things are getting back to normal I will try to have more regular posts.